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Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest Moon...and Other Things

This is my first contribution to the Christian blog chain for ChristianWriters.com.

The topic for the month of October is “Harvest”. When I think of harvest I automatically think of food. I guess it's only natural since I happen to love food. Do you know how many recipes you can make with all of the yummy harvest veggies? I can go on and on. See, I told you that I always think of food. I can easily write a nice little poem about all of the harvest goodies, but since my first post is on Halloween, I only find it fitting to speak about something a little “spookier”. Have you ever noticed the harvest moon? I find it quite beautiful and peaceful. It hangs low in the sky, which I know is just an illusion, and the color is so...autumn! I'm going to write this poem after I finish this paragraph, meaning I'll make it up as I type. I hope you enjoy!

Hanging in the sky so big and very low,
The color of your orb leaves a somewhat “scary” glow.
You come during the time of reaping a ready crop,
I love to gather the corn and watch the kernels pop!

I've gone off track again, I can't get food off of my mind,
I'm not writing this while I'm hungry, I'll be a little more kind.
Harvest moon, you are beautiful with your reddish-orange hue,
I feel so thankful for Gods blessings, He makes all things new.

Festivals take place under your vast unfading stare,
The harvest is prepared and before eating there is a prayer.
Under your watchful eye, a beautiful night breaks free,
I'll cherish this time forever, because forever is not a guarantee.

Harvest moon, keep shining your gloomy light,
I'll just sit here and watch you while stealing a little bite.
Carrots, corn and squash grew under your giant hood,
I'll try one of each and I hear that broccoli is pretty good.

I've learned that some people keep the last of what they have reaped,
And place it in the next crop for luck in grand heaps.
Thank you for your tasty veggies; of that I'm not immune,
Until next we meet again, my wonderful Harvest moon.

Wow, that was fun to write! Hope you enjoyed my first post and see you again next month! Please check out the column on the right for other Harvest topics from Christian Writers!



  1. Stopping by from CW blog chain. Great poem and congrat's on your first post for CWBC.

  2. Fun post, Suzette! I love the humor in your poem. Great first contribution to the blog chain. :)

  3. Great first post for the blog chain. Hoping to see many more of these good entries in the following months.

  4. We're thrilled you're hanging out with the blog chain, Suzette! Loved the fun poem.

  5. Great post for your first blog chain with us, Suzette. I loved your take on the Harvest Moon.

    ~ VT

  6. loved your poem
    shine on girl

    biiiiig hug


  7. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments! I am so encouraged to continue next month!


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